Fun Fact Ads in Vancouver

Ads put up by non-profit organization Science World in Vancouver are not only attracting attention but also show that knowledge and learning can be fun and interesting. The link provided brings you to snap shots of the 25 most interesting ads I have personally ever seen.  They all contain cool facts about things from the earth to our own bodies but are presented in a way that engages the audience.  Some may think these playful ads are geared more towards children, but I believe they appeal to people of all ages.

These cool ads take scientific facts that people usually find dry and dull and present them in a fun and interesting way, this causes people to pay attention and maybe even learn something new!  For children the interactive ads get them involved and make them want to learn more about science, the ad reads,  “Science World: We can explain it”.  For adults it brings some fun into their everyday lives, and causes them to stop and take a second to look at these ads.  They can even  encourage adults to want to learn more cool facts about science.

From a public relations perspective these kinds of ads are a perfect way to attract attention to less exciting subjects.  They are eye catching, interactive and informative and with the right products or message you can turn dull material into eye catching ads!


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